Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Firewalls and filters and all those fierce and foul automated protection systems for e-mails are far from perfect. They are supposed to block junk e-mails (“Zero percent mortgage!” “Buy this stock!”). And, to a large degree, they do work. But they are devoid of critical thinking.

So while a recent e-mail about the local puppet production of “Puss ‘n’ Boots” was blocked (you figure out why), the Life department "won” the “international lottery.” I just have to send the guy who send me that e-mail thousands of dollars for “processing.”

Our tech guy, Dave Hyatt -- a master of all things digital -- keeps upgrading, updating and uploading new systems and software to protect us. Things being as they are online, the “spammers” always figure new ways to harass and annoy.

So keep things sound, simple and safe, starting with the subject line (the title) of your e-mails. And if you get blocked for whatever reason, give me a call (with a crazy device called a telephone) and we’ll figure something out.