Monday, May 14, 2007

Announcement or advertisement?

When readers send announcements and they called them ads, editors cringe.

But I’m not here to describe the sound of my grinding teeth, but to let you know why they grind (and, believe me, they do).

Advertisements are paid items, where you control the content. Announcements are news items, and thus, they are, well, news.

Announcements are a service to the community. And, yes, we determine how the are presented – we have to edit them, after all – but they are not bound to any fee.

So send us all your news, announcements and accomplishments, however big or small. We’ll do our best to publish them in the proper place in a proper manner.

Go to the about section of the web site, grab a copy of the paper or give me a call at (845) 331-5000, extension 502, and send me everything you have.

Help stop the grinding.