Thursday, May 17, 2007

Got events?

The Life department has two ace reporters, Bonnie Langston and Blaise Schweitzer, both of them with a combined experience larger than my own life (I‘m 29)-- a scary proposition for somebody who has to supervise them.

We work as a team, along with super editor Dwayne Kroohs (pronounced “Cruise,” which some people actually write when they send him mail) and we sit down every week to brainstorm story ideas.

We consider everything our readers propose (and what they don't). We also mull ideas we come up with while living in this pristine valley of ours.

But, as much as we would like to, we can’t be everywhere at once (if I had that superpower, I wouldn’t be working at all).

So on Monday, we began a new feature, “Around Town,” which briefly chronicles events around the Hudson Valley, and which are provided to us by our readers. Think of it as a scrapbook of events important to you -- and us. We are looking for fundraisers, galas, benefits and such.
If you know of one (or two or three), let us know. We’ll be glad to collaborate in the coverage of these worthy events.

Send your happenings to, along with photos (in the standard JPG format), and we’ll be more than happy to publish them in the print edition of the Freeman. Every now and then, if scheduling permits, we’ll send our own photographers (now tanned to oblivion because they‘re taking photos outside all the time) to cover those events.

In short, help us help you (and if you see our photographers, feel free to give them some sunblock).