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Monday, July 9, 2012

How to post from Instagram to Blogger, via Android

Earlier, I wrote about how to post your Instagram photos to blogger from a phone, which works with an iPhone. In the comments, it was noted that Android devices only have a share this function and that posts a link to the photo and not the photo itself.

So here's how to post from Instagram to Blogger from an Android device.

Superfast Tutorial 1: Make an ifttt recipe. Better yet, just grab this one.

Obviously, you might want to save it as a draft and then edit the post. Here's one I just did with ifttt.
The advantage of this method is that it's fast and the images appear larger (though you can always size the image).

I should also note that it took about 10 minutes or so for the draft to appear.

Tutorial 2.
1. Get the Blogger app and place it next to your native 'Galleries' app.
2. Open the Gallery app. You'll be happy to find that one of your albums is your Instagram photos.

3. Pick the photo you want, hit the "Menu" button, "Share" and "Share via Blogger"

4. The image will be embedded on your post, which you can edit however you want.

Here's one I did with that method, the Ghost Mobil of Route 199 before the Taconic Highway:

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