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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Google's CADIE

Today, if you noticed on Google's main page, the site released "a singular upgrade to your online life," a Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity, or CADIE, "the first evolving intelligent system."

This follows Google's other improvements like GMail Autopilot, an automatic e-mail response system, which gives answers like this:

Other improvements include Docs on Demand, a program that finishes your sentences and even allows you to incorporate subliminal messages into presentations; and Google Chrome 3D, with printable glasses.

And if you go to CADIE's blog, you can win a free Google search! I won, and found that YouTube is upside down and the The Guardian is leaving print to become the first paper in the world to be published on Twitter:

"A unique collaboration between The Guardian and Twitter will also see the launch of Gutter, an experimental service designed to filter noteworthy liberal opinion from the cacophony of Twitter updates."

Did I mention it's April Fools' Day?


Tribune invents quantum computer, says bye to Internet.

Björk joins Led Zeppeling.

Wholefooodmarkets.com sells organic air and re-usable poop bags, offers free spiders and opens store in Antartica.

Expedia sells flight to Mars.

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