Friday, March 27, 2009

Tedisco and Murphy videos

Republican Jim Tedisco and Democrat Scott Murphy debated yesterday in a televised event I was happy to miss, because I don't live in the 20th Congressional District.

The 20th Congressional Disctrict is a horribly gerrymandered monster that stretches from the Mid-Hudson Valley to the Adirondacks and includes Northern Dutchess and all of Columbia and Greene counties.

Don't believe me? See for yourself.

Not to be outdone, Maurice Hinchey's district is just as mind-boggling.

Tedisco met with the Freeman's editorial board on March 18. Murphy came on March 13.

The candidates also spoke to our colleagues at The Saratogian on separate occasions.

The videos are very insightful, if obviously slanted toward the Saratoga part of the district (Friendly note to The Saratogian: Get some frames for your newspapers)

The election, which is Tuesday, is being followed with great interest nationally, as it is considered by pundits who don't live or work in the district as a referendum on the president.

If you live in the district, you might want to watch these.

Why am I bringing this to your attention?

To shamelessly show you an exchange caught by C-SPAN between Senate Budget Chairman Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) and committee member Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa).

CONRAD: "You know, I used to like you. Oh, you are good."

GRASSLEY: "Your wife said the same thing."

Don't believe me? See for yourself: