Monday, April 4, 2016

Have you hugged a newsperson today?

It's National Hug A Newsperson Day, another one in an never-ending line of totally irrelevant hashtags that are incredibly pointless until one gets to be remotely related to you.
So hug your nearby newsperson. They likely need it.
But be careful, some of them bite.
The more you know.

The Panama Papers are here to stay. And good luck trying to explain them. But try journalists will, And if you find good ones, let me know. I'm still going over a bunch.

Come for the gifs, stay for the story. Well done:

Here's a $700 juice box.
Here's a island in the Bahamas full of cool pigs.
Here's how teens talk.


One video: Here's a chihuahua leading police on a chase across the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge.

New feature! I found that old Dylan thing like this and it was of interest to you, so I figured I should share the good nuggets with you. so without further ado, here are
Local things I found in my news alerts: Here's the Wall Street Journal on Accord's Applesead Meats, "The Meat-O-Mat’s Artisanal Chops."
The Four:
* Don Henley is coming to Bethel Woods.
* Hope you enjoyed the spring snow, of 1982.
*  Senior animals, meet senior citizens.
One cat:

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