Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Another (360) view

The recent release of Google's VR view has made it possible to display VR content in a much easier way and have it compatible in web, mobile and apps.
Having been experimenting and waiting for something like this to happen, I became pretty excited.

For the tech inclined, you basically need an iframe and have your 360 image uploaded somewhere. If you don't have your own hosting site (though you should, etc.), you can just upload your 360 image to a blog or even Google+ (make it useful).

This is the image that I used yesterday, which was hosted in this very blog.

Above, the non-controversial proposed site for a shooting range on Prince St. in Midtown Kingston. Yes, sir, not controversial at all.

I'm still playing with height and everything. But this method simplifies things tremendously.
You no longer need an app to embed your content. It just flows.

This makes so easy that you can technically produce content in the field and share it on social media, and if you're crazy enough to do things on deadline, an editor could simply grab the images and start posting the images in VR in a story really quickly.

This is an image that I uploaded from my phone using the StreetView app, with a Ricoh Theta S camera tethered to an iPhone.

Above, the corner of Wall and John Streets in Uptown Kingston. Those canopies are controversial for some reason. Please explain. 

I'm just starting and I still have to figure out video. But the Kingston Classic is just around the corner.
Let's play!