Wednesday, April 13, 2016

10 moments from the Bernie Sanders rally at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, in 360 degrees

On top the many dispatches that Freeman staffers Patricia Doxsey and Tania Barricklo posted from the Bernie Sanders rally on Tuesday, I had them test the 360-degree camera. I'm just starting to get the videos up, but here's a listicle, for lack of a better format.

1. That time a Bernie supporter was pensive.

2. That time a guy saw the camera, and was, like, 'PEACE!'

3. That time a guy just noticed he was about to be photographed.

4. That time there was a guy on the floor just listening to music.

5. That time the Bernie supporter AND the Bernie poster were looking at the camera

6. That time the security guy by the press pen was all, like, 'WUT?'

7. That time a photographer took a photo of a photographer

8. That time you could really see Tania's face if you looked down

9. That time Bernie Sanders was speaking but people were looking at the camera

10. That time by the press pen, far away