Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The travails of an informed sense of place

I wish I had a treatise about the toils and tribulations of torments
but I don't.
I'm simply here and happy to be.
So when things look difficult I cherish existence a little more, with a tinge of the necessary sadness that helps inform my sense of place and privilege.
With that in mind, Let's move forward.

Post text - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Covering Trump must be incredulously frustrating
and/or scary
and/or weird
and/or baffling
and on and on.

So let's go to Cuba.
Or let's stay here and give ladies a raise. 
Or let's give PJ Harvey a tour of Washington without knowing who she is.
Or let's celebrate's Twitter's 10 anniversary that shows that if you have a life you didn't notice.
But some peopled noticed and made pronouncements about not caring.

Note that twitter is nice to notice niceties:


One video: Evolution


The Four:
* Media.
* Art.
One cat: Enough

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