Thursday, March 17, 2016

The algorithm giveth

One of the difficult things of figuring out the right way to present ~content~ on social media is that the platforms that host the content change all the time, and their goals don't necessarily align with those of media types. As more and more producers become more dependent on forces outside of their control, they lose the ability to showcase their offerings.

You can't make up the rules when you are playing someone else's game.

At the end of the day, distilled from all tech and rules and lines of code, the best stuff (hopefully) ends up on top.
It's always a race, but where we go is up to us.

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The Facebookization of social media, in which robots decide what you see:

Instagram is changing its algorithm and everyone is freaking out.
Twitter is changing its algorithm and everyone is freaking out. 

Meanwhile, Google is selling its "terrifying" robot division, which I'm sure Google will regret once the robots enslave us all.

One playlist: St. Patrick's Parade and Shamrock run in 360.

The Four:
* Surely you saw our coverage of the St. Patrick's Parade in Kingston on Sunday, 360 and all. Unfortunately, I awkwardly ended up in some shots.
* Remember #mochunk?
* There's a new gallery space in Kingston.
* Veternas, honored. 

One cat: OK bye.

Yesterday's Internet, Today! taketh away.

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