Thursday, February 18, 2016

Perspective is hindsight is everything

Many of you probably have a Facebook memories feature activated, where the first thing that shows up in your feed when you first visit Facebook is a post from years past from that very old day.

Very quickly, one thing becomes clear.
The jarring triviality of some posts you thought important at the time is tempered by the emotion that others bring, but this warmer feeling is also leveled by the anxiety caused from the potential resurfacing of some old thing you'd prefer to remain forgotten.

And it's all being done by computer code. The robots are tinkering with your feelings.


Facebook will 'open' its so-called 'instant articles' to everyone, and I'll certainly give it a whirl. We'll see if the 360 and VR stuff works there. There are big repercussions and issues that this raises, but I won't get into it today.

How did newsrooms kind of work in 2009? Glad you asked. (I found that column via Facebook memories, btw).

In other news about news covering news, the battle of Facebook lives tream vs Twitter live streams was won by dogs. 
Except this:


(not really, there's more)
One video: *Superduperperspective* is everything.

The four:
* The mom of the Rondout senior who dared to wear a Captain America costume during hey-why-don't-you-wear-a-costume-to-school and got it partially confiscated would like to remind everyone that, c'mon now. (I'm paraphrasing here, and terribly so, but c'mon now).
* That house everyone wants to not come down is coming down.  
* Pic or it didn't happen. 
* I put all your winners in a simple gallery. You're welcome.

One cat:

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