Wednesday, February 17, 2016

DFM chat on blogging and its value

A Tumblr reblog from 2012 illustrates ways
news orgs use blogs and platforms. Also, teens

Journalists, Digital First Media peeps, anyone who wants to are going to be taking part on our Twitter chat Wednesday at noon, Eastern Time, to talk about all things journalism.

Today we are talking about blogging and how it's evolved and what platforms have adopted its ways. Do you (still) have a blog or have your ideas moved graduated to other platforms? Should they? Is it still a thing? Or did they just got absorbed elsewhere? What traits do blog have that have value in a blog? Bring your blogging tips and your #realtalk!

If you want to chime in, post a comment in the container or a tweet with the hashtag "#dfmchat" so it can automatically appear below.