Friday, October 9, 2015

Murals and bees

Kathleen Griffin works on "The Eye of Your Storm" on Monday afternoon on North Front Street in Kingston The mural is one of six that are part of the O+ Festival. 
It's been a weird week in content-land. But the weekend is here, so let's relax and check out some content.


Play your own adventure John Boehner is a thing.
and is not something you'd find in abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz DOT COM.
because content hell is real.
But what happens when the world doesn't end?

More content. That's what.
So if you've ever wondered how the New York Times would NYTimesplain  Nicki Minaj, wonder no longer.
You are welcome. 

One video: Football is now adorbs.

The Four:
* The O+ Festival murals are very impressive this year. *Slow clap Citizen Kane Grumpy Cat gif*
Zombie bees in Hurley.

One cat: All up in your New York Times content.

Yesterday's Internet, Today! would like to find a survival kit for the zombie bee apocalypse.