Thursday, July 2, 2015

No peas

Let the links speak for themselves. Then let's throw our computers out the window and enjoy the summer.

I really hope you stayed far away from the Internet yesterday because it was a sea of peas in guacamole with a side of Game of Cage.  Meanwhile, "Woman gives birth, fights off bees, starts wildfire in Northern California." What have you done with your life? Tweet about guac?
Today's video that's trending because pageviews:
Only in Monroe, where one person name Steven Colbert interviews a slow and/or fast rapper named Marshall Mathers. (at minute 22).


The Four: 

* Kaaterskills Falls will have limited access this summer.
* Interpretive Center finally opened. Spot the Hinchey.
* First tenants at Lace Mills Factory. 
* Here are your Fourth of July festivities in the Mid-Hudson Valley.


One cat: Looking at ~content~

Yesterday's Internet, Today!  is going on vacation! Maybe? Idk, subscribe and find out.