Friday, June 5, 2015

Two roads diverged but there's no yellow wood

The Kingston Fire Department
One path is shorter but strenuous. The other one, long and a bit boring.
And the one you choose to take, many times, really hinges more on your current state of mind than on anything else.
In life, also many times, you don't get do-overs when presented with choices.
So if you do get do-overs, cherish them as if you'd gotten a new life.

All I'm really saying is to not go the same way to work every day because it gets boring.

Traveled paths:
Area Man tells Vanity Fair that he's not running for Congress again and blah blah blah look at the two mentions for Daily Freeman in the magazine. 
I remember that July 2014 event like this:

The interview is in the Caitlin Jenner edition. You might have heard of her. 
Bonus points if you noticed longtime area photographer Phillis McCabe shot in the Fair of Vanity profile.

Photographers are under-appreciated, in my opinion.

Important tangent: Canadians want to know if the planned orgy is happening at the park.

The Four:
* Granpa Woodstock, whether you like it or not.
* Sculptures. Sculptures everywhere. 

One cat: Catspreading at the Ulster County SPCA.

Yesterday's Internet, Today! might cause motion sickness. I should have put that warning at the beginning.