Monday, June 22, 2015

New perspective

Experiment! How much different would it be if you only read the opening of Yesterday's Internet, Today! Would it feel pretentious? Optimistic? Thoughtful? Vapid? Would you miss the links and/or the cat? Does the photo make it feel different?
Let's look at things with new eyes. Just for kicks.

First draft is an excellent idea and what the future of media should be. Now.
Regardless! Here's are four other extreme future of news situations for people to freak out about. Bonus: They all sound like bad fantasy fan fiction.
I was born here. and from here in New York, it looks like fan fiction.
The future of the future of news is reading news through your 3-D hologram through your Minecraft avatar cruising through your coffee table.

Sure, it sounds like science fiction. BUT IS IT?

The Four: 
* This was Minnewaska and it was something else.
* Maverick at 100. 
* Dredge this.
* Shorter name, bigger place.
One cat:

Yesterday's Internet, Today!  is not about rails or trails.