Thursday, May 28, 2015

Time issues

Some time ago during a news meeting, bosspersonman Tony Adamis brought up a photo showing the "IIII" from the Old Dutch Church clock. I said that we did a story that mentioned the "XIII." That meeting inspired yesterday's post about this weirdness, and Tony was kind enough to dredge the closeup, so you can see if for yourself.



Should every journalist in a newsroom be on social media? That was the topic of yesterday's #dfmchat and the answer is, obviously, cats. 

Congratulations to me and all the journalists on Twitter for being a bunch of narcissists.

Google Maps + Lego = Brick Street View.
Here's Chandler Drive. There's a cop there, of course.

Re/code eater and white people meme dictionary Vox dot com— also know as the people who brought you the sign bunny explainer— has made its card stacks embeddable, which is very useful if you need to find out What is Internet?/Who is Internet? / What is a Solange?

Silly Vox, the Internet is made of cats.

The Four:

* The storm was pretty bad in Saugerties.
* This story about ladies with guns is popular with people who like guns.
* The Figures in Flight dance company, whose New Paltz founder was the subject of a documentary about teaching dance to prison inmates, is ending the decades-long dance company that teaches school children.
One cat: 

Yesterday's Internet, Today! is not a stack card. But you can subscribe.