Friday, May 29, 2015

Can you see it?

Belleayre Beach in Pine Hill. There's an eagle in there.
Many Earth cycles ago, when I was in high school — around the time when my English was not good enough to purposely mangle the language or to notice typos that now keep me up at night  — the class took a trip to "the beach."
The beach was Kingston Point along the Hudson, which is very pretty, but it was not a "beach" by my definition.
And I remember myself complaining. "This is not a beach," not looking at the beauty around me. "I can see the other side."
The other side was also beautiful. But I don't think I saw it then.
The Earth had to go around the sun some more times before I eventually did.


This is CNN.
This is a technological monstrosity.
This is the New York Times asking you to guess and draw how family income affects college chances. 

The Four:
* Rhinebeck resident celebrates 111th birthday. 
* Pee. See. Bees.
* Mountain Jam is just around the corner (Black Keys! Robert Plant!), and that means that Radio Woodstock will soon stop playing Mountain Jam music all day over and over and over again c'mon guys we get it.
* Today I Learned Rhinebeck has mining issues.

One $6,000-a-month apartment for cats, because FIFA.

Yesterday's Internet, Today! would not pay $6,000 a month for a cat apartment.