Monday, March 16, 2015

Let's freak out about madness

The Ashokan Reservoir last year. NO TRESPASSING!
I'm looking at my Google Glass photos from last year, and this is around the time where they start picking up in volume, as the weather gets warmer and the walks become pleasurable and there's more to do. And I'm getting nostalgic about what's yet to happen. And it's a good place to be.

But not online. Online, everything is madness. SO:

Let's  freak out  about millennials  not paying  for news.
Let's freak out about parenting kids in the age of screens.
Let's freak out about "Mad Men."
Let's freak out about "The Jinx." 

Good jorb, everyone.

Have you ever wondered what Yesterday's Internet, Today! would be as a poem? I did. It was madness.
Did you know that, "It is possible to excessively photograph your cat and be lovely to spend time with"? Don't judge me.
Here's your March Madness random bracket generator.   Here's your SUNY Mascot Madness competition.

The Four:
* The mayor of Kingston has announced that he will announce that he will run for mayor of Kingston. 
* Only 28 people have applied to the 52-apartment Lace Mill complex, so far. More applications are expected, but it looks like they're not going to get anywhere near the 500 they expected. 
* People were chilling during the St. Patrick's Parade in Kingston on Sunday, literally.
* Tania uploaded 559 photos from the parade and Shamrock Run. Wow.

One mad kitty cat:

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