Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Because everything is weird

The People's Republic of Rosendale, March 2014
I lived in Rosendale for a little while some years ago, around the time when there was no street festival and people had "People Republic's of Rosendale" bumper stickers and when the film "Personal Velocity," which was partially filmed there, screened at the Rosendale Theater and we went all there to see it and applauded when a known locale appeared on the screen.

Rosendale is a weird place.

Weird things:

The director of "The Jinx" is "obviously glad" Robert Durst was arrested.  This case has "weird" written all over it, among other things.
Here's a bracket of our terrible and internet behavior. 
I went to giphy to search for a weird gif and now I regret it.

The Four:
* Hurley officials are concerned about joining a rail-trail group. You know you live in a happy place when those things are problems.
* When it comes to wages, Ulster County is eighth. In a region of 10. 
* Mid-Hudson officials stress common regional needs and opportunitizzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

One weird cat: Jeff Jarvis doesn't need 'edittors.'

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