Friday, February 20, 2015

Cold takes

Before we complain about how cold it is:

Cold takes:
Lenovo is a cold company. Check your computer if you have one of those.
Cold quote: "It’s a cruel thing, but sometimes you read something and think, 'Uh oh. I could make something really meaty out of that.' I'd probably listen to the album anyway. It's about news, right?

Warmer take: I don't always follow sports media, but when I do, it usually involves animals:

Hot take:

In conclusion:

The four:

* The Kingston teachers' union is cold to Gov. Cuomo. 
* Cold fact: Contamination. 
* Cold work: I'm cold at the office but at least I don't have to do this.
* Cold photos.

One cold cat:

One cold Google Glass photo:

Yesterday's Internet, Today! gives you the links I found interesting the day before or in the morning. You also get four stories trending (that are not cops and robbers) from the Freeman while I was writing this this and a cat and a Google Glass photo.