Tuesday, February 3, 2015

SUNY New Paltz is No. 1 on this thing. What happened next surprised no one.

One of my first lead stories for 'The Oracle,' SUNY New Paltz-student run newspaper back in The Before Time, was about pot smoking on campus. It was accompanied by a huge photo of a dude hitting a large bong in a dorm that the editors easily managed to obtain. I remember that the jump was terribly mangled in the editing process.

And I also remember the lede:

SUNY New Paltz smells.
And that smell is coming from dorm rooms.
I used that clip in my resume when I applied to the Freeman. I got the job and they haven't been able to get rid of me for has become a bit more than 14 full years (on Jan. 30). Good times.

I bring this up today because I ran into a Huffington Post article that reports that SUNY New Paltz is the No.1 college when it comes to drug arrests per capita:

SUNY New Paltz had the No. 1 per capita rate of students with drug arrests on campus -- 13.9 per 1,000 students, or 105 on-campus drug arrests in 2013. The school was No. 107 in 2012, with 24 on-campus drug arrests.

Obligatory gif is obligatory:

Some caveats. The data from Project Know is from 2013.  There were 105 on-campus arrests that year, but what about off campus?

Also, "we are not surprised by this data." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You be you, New Paltz. You be you.


The New New Republic: 'To him, journalism remains "content."'
The Guardian: "Journalism should be a conversation."

Here's some more ~conversational content~:

Oakland County, Michigan, home of naked men on the street.
'Supertweets' = Ian, what are you doing?
Emojis in  the   courtroom.  

The Four, aka what's trending at the Freeman as I write this: 
* My Google Glass Kingston photos are still doing pretty well today. One of those even made it to the front page in ~print~. I added a night set for comparison purposes and because I walked home. I also think the cold messed up with the device's lens. Don't tell my boss.
* The project to turn the former Lace Curtain Factory in Kingston into housing for artist got some $$$ and people are happy, probably because nobody called it "low income housing"? We know what happens if it's phrased like that.
* The Freeman aggregated the aforementioned SUNY New Paltz drug arrests stats story while we work on a full report. Comment from 'Hurley Guy':
This distinction can be interpreted in two ways:An exceptional number of druggies enroll at New Paltz; orNew Paltz strictly enforces the drug laws.I believe the latter.
* Duh.

One cat: Is the Internet done with Left Shark yet?

One Google Glass photo: You shall not pass.

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