Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Good Twitter, bad Twitter

One Google Glass photo: Twitter, in one word.

And the photo on top, because if the first image on this post is a gif, it breaks the Freeman website good jorb.

Breaking the ice on Germantown:

Breaking the ice on Twitter:

One of the cool things about checking out Good Twitter is that you truly can run into wonderful links all the time. Even if you don't use it for conversation (and you should), there are great links and videos and gifs and all sorts of icebreakers. But even if you were just lurking, a good feed can be enjoyable. And if your feed is bad maybe is time to stop following some people.

But, yeah, Bad Twitter is bad.  So that's perhaps one reason why Fusion says people are erasing their tweets? (I told you not to tweet, c'mon).

What is Fusion, you say? It's a website like all those other websites, because everything's the same. Except for this space, of course, because I don't know what I'm doing.

Sesame Street totally knows what it's doing with its take on House of Cards.


All I know is that I'm pretty OK at running into all these links, because I like to keep an eye on things. True story.


The Hi-Way Drive-In in Coxsackie is the subject of a short, "Enjoy Your Intermission."

Enjoy Your Intermission from Adam Carboni on Vimeo.

That's a very cool hat tip to the Watershed Post, which has details.

The Four:

* I was going to says that I'm surprised that the Catskill Mountain Railroad story only has 26 comments so far, but then I noticed that the thread was closed after people got nasty because of course they did good jorb everybody.
* The saddest thing about this story about the schools saying they're running out of funding options is the missed opportunity to do really fun things with that full-size cutout of a stern-looking New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Not even a mustache. Sad stuff.
* We can hear you now. 
*  Tipped workers are getting a base pay bump in New York state and the people who are happy and angry about this are very predictable.

One cat: Hopefully leaving a tip.

Yesterday's Internet, Today! gives you the links I found interesting the day before or in the morning, mostly from good Twitter. You also get four stories trending (that are not depressing) from the Freeman while I was writing this this. AND! You also get a cat and a Google Glass photo. Yay! 
And you can subscribe. Told you I didn't know what I'm doing.

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