Thursday, January 22, 2015

Please do not molest or throw missiles at animals in New York City Parks

The State of the State is yet another Albany lawmaker getting arrested.

Blame this guy.

That's a good thing, of course. Albany is terrible.
I mean, remember that time when Albany wanted to ban anonymous comments?

TROLOLOL. Anyway, Can Internet comments be saved? No comment. 

That post, btw, has a pretty awesome ~print~ letter to the editor from a long time ago. Good times.  And yes, it was pretty awkward when animal people thought I didn't like catsHere's why.

So, in case we're not clear: Please do not molest or "throw missiles at" animals in New York City parks because that's very specifically spelled out as being against the law, but don't do it in other places either, OK?

Writing that felt weird. Don't make me write weird things.

You know what's also weird? Penn Station.
Another weirdish New York thing is the State Department of Environmental Protection, pretty much telling artists: "OHAI could you get rid of this driftwood from the Ashokan Reservoir pretty please?" It's reclaimed!
No? you don't want it? What kind of Hudson Valley or Catskills resident are you, anyway?

I recognize that most of this post is related to New York State. So, if you're one of the lovely subscribers from the West Coast or elsewhere, here's an explainer of the state of New York in the form of a drunk plane.

One cat: Since we're into explainers.

One Google Glass photo: Ashokan Reservoir panorama, sans driftwood.

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