Tuesday, January 6, 2015

At least we know what will be on TV when the world ends

Newly re-elected Congressman Chris Gibson, R-Kinderhook, says he won't seek re-election, and that obviously means that my Gibson gifs will need to be updated, if he goes for statewide office or for P R E S I D E N T later on but let's not speculate just yet OK? Let's just focus on this terrible Gibson quiz.

Not News!
* Have you ever wondered what will be on TV when the robot zombie alien overlords destroys us all? NOW YOU KNOW. However, "the end of the world must be confirmed." Good jorb, journalism!  Also, in case you are actually wondering even though you're not, the world is fine, thank you very much.

* SUNY New Paltz has a role in HBO's 'Girls.' Spoiler: It's supposed to be not New Paltz.

* This.

One terrible cat selfie:

One terrible Google Glass selfie stick selfie:

All selfies are terrible. I should know. 

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