Monday, December 29, 2014

Random post is random

The Freeman published its Year in Review and here's a random goat. 
Other randomness:

Random New York Times:

Here's a candid Q&A with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin and here's a quote:

"You know, I’ve never sexted anyone in my life except Anderson. I can’t resist. I just know he’s going to be so ——"

Camel racing with robot jockeys is a thing.

Brunch Hate Reading the New York Times also is a thing. The Gothamist is being silly, of course, because BRUNCH IS FOR JERKS.

Random people:

Meet Officer Timothy Zoll, master of foot in mouth statements.

Meet Emerson Spartz, terrible entrepreneur meme person . 

Random social media:

People are not sharing their marriage problems on Facebook. I wonder why.

Man Likes Twitter. People share Man Likes Twitter on Twitter.

One random cat:

One random Google Glass photo:

Yesterday's Internet, Today! is a random experiment in which I throw in a bunch of links I tweeted, faved or saw the day before or in the morning. I also post a cat and a Google Glass photo in case I've got nothing so at least there's a cat and a photo.