Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Beyond 'don't be stupid': Best Twitter practices for journalists

Journalists, members of Digital First Media and pretty much everyone else who wants to - are going to be taking part on the weekly Twitter chat at noon, Eastern Time.

Today we are talking the best ways to tweet as a journalist and how to avoid problems. What are the social media guidelines for journalists, beyond 'stay professional' or 'don't be stupid'? Should all journalists in a newsroom be on Twitter? How do you balance encouraging people to add personality with risking getting into trouble?

Bring your #realtalk.

You can check out past chats over here. If you use Tweetchat you don't have to type the hashtag.

If you want to chime in, post a comment in the container or a tweet with the hashtag "#dfmchat" so it can automatically appear below.