Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How does the Freeman's new comment system work?

The Freeman is set to unveil a new system for comments, using Disqus as the new platform.

We believe this system dramatically improves the way conversations take place, because it gives you the power to choose how you read the comments, it integrates whatever account you want to use and keeps the conversations in one thread.

Without a thread, you would get something like this:

But the best way to showcase how the system works is to show you how it works, so I've put that very system on this blog.

You can see it at the bottom. It looks like this:

The main difference between my blog's system and the Freeman's is that I don't moderate or require registration. The Freeman will maintain its current system. The sorting system and "Likes" are ways to give you the power to display the comments the way you want to see them. 

In short, you are in control.

So how about using this system and this space to voice your concerns, ask questions and for clarification about. What do you think?

UPDATE: It's live! Go over there and comment away!