Wednesday, March 23, 2011

JRC Chat at noon, mobile edition

It's Wednesday, which means that members of the Journal Register Company Idealab and anyone interested are going to be holding the weekly Twitter chat at noon.

Today will be talking about the mobile journalist; what are the best resources and practices to do it well; and how mobile can improve journalism itself.

The feed is posted below.  But you can also follow the chat here or here or also here. And you can also check out past chats over here.

If you want to chime in, just post a tweet with the hashtag "#jrcchat" so it can automatically appear below, or post a comment in the field at the bottom of the chat box.

Since this is a chat about mobile journalism, it is fitting that I'm going to be on the road at noon on today, as I'm attending training for even more new digital initiatives.

So I've tasked my very mean and snarky robot to tweet for me on Tuesday until 2 p.m., but I'll be chiming in here and there if I can while on the road (I'm not driving).

As always, you are welcome to participate at anytime you want. We'll have links, especially the robot.