Thursday, February 17, 2011

Visualizing overlapping 'double dipping' hours from state comptroller's report

I'm playing around with some visualization tools during my spare time as of late, using ManyEyes.

The concept is simple, upload a document and choose the visualization method. It's a bit tricky, and I'll get better as I get comfortable with it.

But the potential is there. Here's a simple chart from the state Comptroller's preliminary report on overlapping hours in the double-dipping scandal.

If I get the hang of it, you'll see this more often.

Overlapping hours Many Eyes
UPDATE: I was asked in the comments if we could upload the time sheet with 'double dip' on it. Here is one:

UPDATE 2: Microsoft Excel does charts, of course, so let's add Wages, Overtime with URGENT, School money and benefits and make some CHARTICLES!

Detective Lt. Timothy Matthews wages 2007-2010