Thursday, June 17, 2010

@&*#$%@ tweets!

I was informed by a friend of mine that my tweets are incomprehensible because of all the "RT"s, "@"s and "#"s that I put in my #@#@ing tweets - and because I don't make any sense anyway.

Upon reading an incomprehensible tweet about this, Crazy Person Derek DeFilippo, who is not crazy, suggested I use this:

That's just crazy - like avoiding the conjugation of "tweet," as the New York Times has debated recently:

“Tweet” may be acceptable occasionally for special effect. But let’s look for deft, English alternatives: use Twitter, post to or on Twitter, write on Twitter, a Twitter message, a Twitter update. Or, once you’ve established that Twitter is the medium, simply use “say” or “write.”

Sure, gray lady. Tweet this.