Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mid-Hudson Valley blogging-heads

Your indispensable source for useless knowledge. Here's the latest pulse:

* Kingston Alderman Bill Reynolds doesn't know how to spell "and" in his announcement that city greenbacks for the Andretta Pool and Kingston Point Beach have been restored. That's good news. Once again, you'll be able to swim in other people's pee. WIN!

* Legislative Barbie (?) Brittany Turner needs an explanation about why Democrats, Republicans, Greens and Progressives suck (I'm badly paraphrasing, obviously. She said "WTF").

* The Ulster County Development Corp. advances a seminar that will tackle the question, "How can we give our Main Streets the best chance for success?" Here's an idea: Don't put it in Newburgh.

* Also, the UCDC mentioned that the Mohonk Mountain House was featured on the "Today Show," not today. It's a great trip if you live in New York City! Oh, yeah, but you don't.

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* Kingston Main Street Manager Nancy Donskoj want's you to check your teeth and eyes.

* The Kingston Neighborhood Watch met on Tuesday and decided to take a hike.

* Uber photographer Jen Kiaba talks about how to get some freebies, for $15

* Mid-Hudson music follower Ethan Barnett writes a sentence using "Onderrock," "Dusk," "Seminal Stain," "Very Important Businessmen" and "Loud Youth."

* Bistro-to-Go talks about grilled vegetables, which would look even more delicious if they were next to a dead chicken.

* The Kingston Digital Corridor is drinking again.