Monday, April 12, 2010

Media Mondays - a Tweet feed rehash

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This Week and join forces (finally!) as suggested by @jayrosen_ny

  1. The WSJ #Pulitzer count under Murdoch: Nada. Go charge for that.
  2. RT @jeffjarvis: News(paper) in the cloud: @jxpaton's opportunity to profoundly change both news process and culture:
  3. RT @dcagle: Congrats to @MarkFiore, 2010 winner of the Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning (for animated cartoons!)
  4. RT @dcagle: HA! Hilarious cartoon making fun of Confederate History Month (What if the Gov. were German?) #p2
  5. Pulitzer Prize winners are in! (Did I win?) If PP site is too busy, visit Shameful self-promotion!

  6. RT @
    Chris__Richards: 1982, P-Funk's Mothership crashed in MD. WaPo went looking for it @jsmooth995 @maura@carr2n

    Loco for Coco! @Conanobrien begins comedy tour, will host late-night show on TBS later this year -

  7. Celeste Katz begins run at @
    DNDailyPolitics -

    RT @JRCInteractive: Help pick the tools for the Ben Franklin Project -
  8. jxpaton:My new blog post We are going to produce a newspaper using only free web tools-Project Ben Franklin

Also, don't forget to check out WAMC's "The Media Project."