Monday, April 19, 2010

Hudson Valley bloggosphere

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* Alderman Bill Reynolds, D-Ward 7, updates "on the BAR info session sponsored by KURA for Tuesday" without saying what BAR or KURA stand for.

The acronyms stand for Board of Assessment review and Kingston Uptown Citizens Alliance - or, possibly, Big-Ass Revolution and Kingston Ukulele Rebels' Algorithm. Who knows?

* The Ulster County Development Corp. mirrors (in UCDC fashion) today's news that close to 200 jobs are coming to TechCity.

* Kingston Main Street Manager Nancy Donskoj highlights businesses that are "Clean and Green." Imaginary restaurant Jimmy's Brown and Dirty Crabhouse didn't make the cut.

* advances Earth Day events in the city. The Earth will son turn 40 years old, if my math is correct, or something like that.

* Photographer Jen Kiaba showcases how to photographs pin-ups "using stuff from your closet." I would try, but I don't see how dead spiders would help.