Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hitler meme faces downfall

If you are a fan of Internet memes, you probably have run into the many Hitler parodies taken from the movie "Downfall" that have been populating YouTube for years.

No more.

Mashable reports - and a simple YouTube search confirms - that the most popular parodies have already been taken down.

What's the 'Downfall' meme? Knowyourmeme.com explains:

“The Hitler Meme” or “Hitler finds out” is a video meme involving the addition of new subititles (sic) to the dramatic scene of Hitler’s final meltdown from the German movie Downfall directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel. The subtitles are often anachronistically altered with humerous (sic, geez!) English subtitles surrounding current events.

From the NYTimes: “Fire up YouTube. There you can see the Hitler figure erupt in frustration over his Xbox. He flips out because his friends aren’t going to Burning Man. And, recently, he loses it because Sarah Palin isn’t working out as a running mate. Something in the spectacle of an autocrat falling to pieces evidently has widespread appeal.”

That very Xbox parody got the ax already.

The most popular ones as of April 13, according to BBC News:

* Hitler gets banned from Xbox Live: 4,260,975
* Hitler finds out Kanye West Disses Taylor Swift: 1,067,024
* Usain Bolt Breaks 100m World Record: 1,096,241
* Ronaldo leaves Utd: 1,439,671
* Hitler Finds Out Sarah Palin Resigns: 497,903

Here's an example that's still up right now: