Thursday, February 25, 2010

Author responds without hyperbolic planes

Daina Taimina, author of "Crocheting Adventures With Hyperbolic Planes," wrote in an e-mail that I'm "a little bit wrong ... that nobody reads those books," as apparently implied in "Some book names should just be shelved."

"I have quite a number of fans, especially if you count all those thousands who crochet coral reef around the world," she wrote, adding, "you can look inside my book on amazon or google to have an idea what it is about."

Which I should and I could, but I won't, because I'm trying to follow what The Bookseller's diarist, Horace Bent, advocates in the book title contest: “What the prize requires most is ignorance.”


But you can. Check our the book's Amazon page and read some reviews.

Taimina adds, "of course, I feel flattered and very happy indeed that the math book is nominated for such a popular prize! :-)"

Obviously, the answer here is: It's a math book?