Monday, August 24, 2009

A flag in Rhinecliff

I'm half hesitant to post this because I know how strongly people feel about this and I haven't had the chance to talk to people at The Rhinecliff. But this post can also be the start of a good and needed conversation.

A reader thought this was important enough to send it.
The e-mail read:

I take great offense to this and thought I'd forward.
The Rhinecliff Hotel last night for a WRWD country music event.
An apology is in order.

My two cents:
I think the flag as a promotional symbol is highly inappropriate, as it invokes images of slavery and can be interpreted to suggest that such past should be celebrated. I also think the Rhinecliff did not have that in mind when it decided to put a Confederate flag next to its name, because the flag also pertains to a certain Southern heritage (the event related to country music).

Moreover, the restaurant and hotel has the right to do whatever it wants, as it is a private business.

At the end, to me, it looks like it was just a bad move.Yet, I have to re-state that I haven't spoken with hotel representatives.

What do you think? (be nice)