Tuesday, November 18, 2008

RSS for the soul

One of the new features of the Freeman's new Web site is the not-so-new concept of RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, a nice way of getting updates on your computer and even your phone, if your phone is more expensive than my television*

There are many news readers, like my Yahoo page, shown below, which allow me to scan many sites at the same time. If you click on the image, you'll see the Freeman's news on top right.

Most browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla) have an RSS button. Google, Yahoo, AOL and many other provide "readers" as well. The button looks like this (sans the 3-D and the shadows):

If you are super lazy, I've got one better for you. Below, you'll see the Freeman's latest news in a widget.

You can grab this and put it in your site or blog.

Or - this may sound crazy to some - you could buy a copy of the paper.

* My TV was $125, no mail-in rebates, either.