Monday, July 21, 2008

Artie Traum

Woodstock folk legend Artie Traum died on Sunday. He was 65.

The Freeman's David Malachowski called his last album, 2007's "Thief of Time," a "modern masterpiece."

Here are some tracks from that album.

1. "Bonnie Jean"
2. "Thief of Time"
3. Midnight Blue
4. "Back In The Sugarcane"
5. "Where The Blues Began"
6. "Cuckoo Bird"
7. "Last Tree In The Bronx"
8. "Halifax"
9. That Secret Place
10. "Insult A Man"
11. Country Boy Blues

There is a page of remembrances on his Web site.

He is survived by his wife and brother Happy.
Check the Freeman for updates.