Monday, February 18, 2008

A blog's blog

I guess "my sources” were right.

Some bloggers were not too amused with the “How to blog” blog
(most people just didn’t read it).

And that’s fine, even though my sources tell me they are going to dislike this post a bit more.

Because what’s not fine is to compare news features with blogs, especially if the blog is yours, which is just what a blogger I won’t name did (it's enough to say his name starts with Roger and ends with Thornhill).

And as I responded to Mr. name-I-won’t-name-goes-here, I don’t think you can be unbiased about your own blog.

Example: “Ivan Lajara’s blog is much better than yours,” according to Ivan Lajara.
Would you believe this outrageous sentence? (of course you would).

But the bigger point bloggers usually make is that news companies are losing readers because of blogs.

Yet, news companies actually have the same readership, if not more, than ever before. What they are losing is newspaper circulation, because readers are going online ... also to newspaper Web sites (The Freeman gets 800,000 page views a month, according to a November post by my boss, Ira Fusfeld).

All that has some revenue implications. But, thankfully for me, I don’t do math or work in the Circulation Department.


Don’t get me wrong, I love the Web's information revolution (Type for Freedom!), which allow us to be interactive, gives everyone a voice and allows me to post photos of my cat so you can completely ignore him.

(Please don't, he scratches when you do).

The Internet also allows me to let you know about The Internets:

And that is just beautiful.

P.S. It was mentioned that the "blog" blog sounded somewhat angry, which begs some questions: Angry? Me? ME, ANGRY? WHAT? W$@T#^F%*&? ...