Friday, February 1, 2008

Another kind of violence in video games

Did you read today's Life story, "More than child's play," about the Wii Senior League of bowlers in Marlbletown?

Alert readers might have noticed that Jack Baldwin, 93, was not wearing the Wiimote strap on his wrist. Photos of other virtual bowlers in the print edition of the Freeman also showed the same pattern.


This is what can happen if you do that, according to

And you thought "Mortal Kombat" was dangerous.


Talking about "Mortal Kombat," Super Tuesday is right around the corner, and New Yorkers get to have their say.

If you can't wait, visit, where you can use your favorite candidates (even those who are out of the race) and put them into a dirty political fight ...

... to the death!

Where is Tipper Gore when you need her?