Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Web matters

Freeman readers might have noticed today's food story in the Life section highlighted a Culinary Institute of America video the facility posted on YouTube.

YouTube allows fans to post and even paste videos on other Web sites (The mayor's infamous bout, which we posted, is a good example).

Expect more Web things from us now that the floodgates are open. Whenever you see the computer mouse in the Life pages, you can expect to see a complementary feature online.

Case in point, tomorrow's Harry Potter stories have an accompanying Web feature: a "Jukebox" provided by Random House with excerpts from previous books. The new one is in Guantanamo, apparently, until its release Friday at midnight, though photos of pages of “Deathly Hallows” are said to be online (And no, I’m not giving you the link).

And if you have time, check out the mayor's video (one more time) and compare the level of discourse of The Freeman's monitored forums with the one from anything-goes YouTube.