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Monday, January 4, 2016

'You've got to start with yourself'

The Day 1 Walk in Kingston
The holidays can be a wonderful time, but they can also be hard. I don't have any particular nugget of wisdom for those who suffer during these times, and I wouldn't dare to try.
But I've come to recognize that simply talking can be helpful.

How are you doing? Let's talk.
Happy New Year! @darth is back. 

I'm reviewing inexpensive virtual reality viewers.  I don't know why either. I also do Pinterest slideshow tutorials? Also, making gifs has never been easier, but PROCEED WITH CAUTION.
Send me a link if you make one and I'll make a multi-post, whatever that means.

One video: Twitter can be very weird. And that's why I like it.

The Four, in 360:
* Here's the Day 1 Walk speech where the title of this post came from, in 360-degrees, because why not.
* Did you catch the New Year's coverage?
* Cats.
* City. 
One cat:  In a monkey suit, eating a banana.

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