Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Let's dance

A huge flock of very coordinated birds greeted me along the ride to work this morning, and it momentarily reminded me that even in the face of the bitter and angry elements, life dances.
Let's dance.

Tech things in life is a dream,

This Twitter idea is terrible. 
This company used virtual reality to create this concept car.
Go print your food. 

This story about about 'the most profound video game of all time' had me in tears.
You will cry as well.

and dreams themselves are only dreams

One video: I grabbed all the Google Glass videos from 2015 and made a supercut that only lasts 1 min. 33 seconds. Life is short, bb.

The Four:
* Two spectators and no comments.
* Bank keeps fish alive. 
* Cross-country ski race. 
* Warming shelters. 
One Cat: Triumph of a heart.

Yesterday's Internet, Today! is a short dance.