Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The cloud is broken

How dependent are we on technology? How do we act when we lose access to television or the Internet or our cell phones? It's a question I like to return often, especially when we lose power or services and the only input I get is the turbulence of my thoughts.

I also remember having to go to the library and having to physically comb through index cards and rows and rows of books to find things. You might be nostalgic about the process, but it wasn't an optimal search experience, in that it took a long time to find what you were looking for.

So I'm a fan of technology, but I also try to be in touch with what it means to us, and how it shapes what we do and who we are.


Case in point, were you having problems online today? It was a thing. Here's how to watch.  Blame the clouds.

This, as they say, is fine.  Or is it?

Friend of journalists and journalism Steve Buttry died on Feb. 19 and his influence was remarkable. I collected my thoughts and what others wrote about him. He is missed.

Moon tourism is a thing.   We live in the clouds.


One video: Kingston dream/psych/dark pop master Shana Falana dropped an official video for 'Cloudbeats'. It beats the cloud servers that are not working.

You can catch her on March 13 at 7:30 p.m. at BSP on Wall Street in Kingston, or at Hannaford, if the video is any indication.
The four:

One cat: 
Yesterday's Internet, today! also is a thing.