Thursday, February 2, 2017

Floating cats in the age of dogs

There's a hidden gem on Hurley Mountain Road, but if you get too close and are not careful, you might hurt yourself. Such is seemingly the current state of online discourse.

There is a difference between staying informed and driving yourself crazy, and information overload can result in unbearable stress and unnecessary and unproductive conversations, if you can even call them that.

So limit your social media consumption if you're finding yourself engaging with things that are not the original purpose of your visit to the networks. I get paid to do all news all the time and it can be exhausting.

What can you do? Glad you asked.

* I'm skipping the 'become politically active' or 'go for a walk' advice because they're too obvious and obviously if you can, you should. But I'm generally speaking about those times when you're likely to be plugged in and might want to spend your time better. SO:

* Lose yourself in a podcast. There's a certain serendipitous quality to "Reply All," from the mysterious rat-training world of Zardulu to a Facebook "group where members pretend to be corporate drones."  I also listen to WTF with Marc Maron and "Crimetown." Good stuff for commuting or doing mindless chores. I'm open to your suggestions.

* Make a Spotify playlist or play your Discover Weekly tab. Same with Pandora, etc.

* Do that thing you enjoy doing. Cook, write, paint or live-stream floating videos of cats in 360 degrees.

* Did you finish that book?

Random reads:
Navel gazing.
* Dog show to include cats.
* Groundhog: Incompetent or evil?
* This is why cartoon characters wear gloves.

One video: What's your favorite Super Bowl commercial this year? I don't care!
Here's the Rondout Lighthouse from a drone's perspective instead.

Roundout Lighthouse from John Gotelli on Vimeo.

The Four:

* Winter Hoot! 
* Health Quest wants to be at the mall, where Macy's was.
* Remember those restaurants that never happened at the Kirkland? Good times.
* Surely you saw the governor blowing up the High Falls Bridge the other day.

One cat:

Ollie the missing zoo bobcat was near the birdhouse because of course. 

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