Thursday, January 5, 2017

That news problem

Don't you sometimes wish, in this world of instant news where everything looks the same no matter where it comes from, that you could get a reliable, filtered summary of the day's news at some point during the day?

Thinking of a way to do this, as a sort of evolution for Yesterday's Internet, Today!, I glanced upon two emails I get daily. The first one is the epaper email in the morning, that you should be getting if you're a subscriber. It's basically the paper as it appears in print, which comes in handy if you're away (you might notice that all the pages are in color as well). 

"But those are yesterday's news!" astute Yesterday's Internet, Today! readers might say. And you would be correct! What if you want what's happening up to now, but in email form, and without a subscription maybe? Why, there's an email alert for that! And a breaking news email alert if you don't want to wait. 

There's also text alerts,  and Android and iOS apps

And you can keep up on Facebook and Twitter. Or maybe you just want to get away from it all and simply get nice photos from Instagram. And we do that too.

So perhaps the problem is not so much that we don't do this but that we haven't told you about it well?

I'd add that a good newsletter would have a bit more personalization, and I can understand why small news organizations just aren't able to do this. (If you're wondering how I have time to write this, I'm doing it on my day off). So the daily emails can suffice (and do for thousands).

In an ideal world, the email would add some links from outside the Freeman, a sort of "we also saw this and you might want to check them out too." This is the sort of thing my newsletter was aiming for, but with a focus on what's of interest to me because, well, it's my newsletter, after all.

For example, from yesterday:

Everybody's grounded. Go to your rooms.
So let's keep the format going. Thus ...

The Four!
* I posted a tweet about Hillary the other day.  It went viral and made the front page of Drudge and now it's the most popular thing I've ever done ever. You're all terrible.
*  I made a massive interactive timeline of the news of the year the other day. I spend a lot of time doing it and it didn't even crack the most popular things of that day. You're all terrible.
* Free college proposal so of course everyone's angry?
* We covered the new year live and I was able to live-stream directly to Twitter in 360° from the office beforehand as a precursor of things to come this year (not many can do this yet). Stay tuned. I've got ~surprises~

One cat?
How about a bunch of cats? For adoption?  Locally? Right MEOW!

Yesterday's Internet, Today! was going to wrap up forever but then I was, like, nah let's see what happens. There's more to do.