Thursday, May 5, 2016

We have to taco about this

I was in the hospital today because of some chest pains and I spent all day there to find out that I am a healthy human person, actually, and that is most excellent. That's me there in the ER, trying to get some work done in between medical tests. It's a bit tricky to type with a gigantic thing on your finger while on morphine. They even did an extensive sonogram, but they could not find problems or a demonic beast or a chest-bursting alien. Such is life.

While I was out ...

Good thing I've got muscle relaxants.
I tried to tackle, in a very small way, the issue of social media and digital strategies for small newsrooms during Wednesday's #DFMChat, trying to shine some reality into what we do and how we do it. It was an interesting exploration that included no shameless pandering with terrible taco bowls.

Astute newsletter readers might have noticed that I have not written it in a bit, and so my links have piled up. And yet, one thing that's become apparent is how ephemeral things are, like bowls made of tacos.
So instead of sending you a bunch of articles that surely are of interest but you're likely not clicking anyway, let's clear the inboxes and delete the bookmarks in our minds, at least for now.

The Four:
Funny money not funny for guy who got it. Word from a police officer was that the movie money was passed during a drug deal or something like that. Feel free to make your own related joke here.
This gentleman can't understand what was the big deal with that Prince music, or that Janis Joplin lady or those Beetles people. He is the #unpopularopinons OG.
The Booth House is a house that was falling apart, but through the wonderful and tireless efforts of an active community and engaged citizenry, it has been saved. And so, it will become ... a house. Good jorb, house. Good jorb.
The Kingston Farmer's Market opens Saturday. What can you get there that you could put in a taco bowl? 
One cat:

Yesterday's Internet, Today! wishes you a #HappyYou'veGotaNewsletterTodayDay! The best newsletters are made while in morphine with a finger covered. I love cats!