Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Born of frustration

*This conversation didn't happen while listening to this*

"Hey, Ivan! How come you haven't written a newsletter post in over a week?" wrote no one ever.
"I've been terribly busy!" I didn't say to this nonexisting person.
"Thanks for asking, though!"

Regular readers of Yesterday's Internet, Today! might have also noticed that the photo above is not a Google Glass image. I have finally retired the device, a year late and a dollar I didn't even have short. The truth is that the device forced me to look around for photos to take, ironically making me pay attention to the world outside the screen.
And I like that feeling.

I thought I was terrible at Snapchat. Thankfully, now I now I was wrong. I am really really terrible at Snapchat, and so are you! Buzzfeed ~investigates~ ...

Twitter irony in two tweets about Twitter:

This wedding photo shoot in a war zone is exactly what it sounds like. 
Trumpdonalddotorg is exactly what it sounds like.
Condescending CDC is condescending.
Science gonna science.
Soupers gonna soup.
New York Times Styles gonna troll so hard.
One video: Your pets

The Four:
* The Pet contest is here, as you might have noticed. And we're judging it live. 
* No shooting in Kingston, because ducks. 
* Don't dump on me, bro.
* Guess who's running for governor.

One cat:

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